Zero Waste Program

Club Organic is excited to offer a ‘Zero Waste’ program.

This service is offered from Monday to Friday.

Here is a few points to consider:

• Club Organic is not responsible for the salubrity of your container(s). Our grocery and our products are Eco-Cert certified. NO RETURN OR REIMBURSEMENT OF MERCHANDISE WILL BE GRANTED FROM THE ‘ZERO WASTE’ PROGRAM.
• For the time being, quantities will be the same as the ones we offer in our bulk offers, for example; 500g, 1kg, 2kg, etc. Quantities will be evaluated depending on the container.
• All containers have to be closable.
• No other product other than the ones offered will be available for this practice.

At Club Organic we believe in this practice and we want to make it easy and pleasant for our customers.

Organically yours!